Update december

Hello dear friends,

Long time no see! :)

How are you all guys doing? I am doing great! I am still in Perth for you who didn't know. I am doing the Bible School for the Nations, BSN. It's an awesome school. In 9 weeks we've gone through the Old Testament. We now have a great overview and next week we will start with the New Testament.

This week we had a chance to do a teaching. We had to prepare a 30 min message from one of the minor prophets. My prophet was Hosea and I chose to talk about unconditional love. I was challenged by how Hosea "lay down his rights" and married a prostitute, when God told him to, and continued to love her even though she was unfaithful. As a jew it was a very controversial thing to do and I could imagine it was a hard decision for him. Through Hoseas marriage God wanted to show how Israel had been unfaithful to Him. I think Hosesa very much could identify with God's feelings for Israel when he went out to confront their sin and idolatry, and tried to show how God still loves them and still want them to come back to Him.

I sat up to 2.30am to finish my presentation and I was very nervous. But everything went fine. It was actually kind of fun! This is the kind of things we will be doing on our outreach.

For outreach we will be going in three teams. My team is going to Nepal, the other teams are going to Mexica city and "Eastern Asia." We're only three students in each team so that's kind of interresting. We will be gone for 5 weeks. In Nepal we will be having bibleseminars in a village called Phidim. There is a family there working for Wycliffe with translating the bible. 1 month ago they just released their translation to one of the languages used in Nepal. They have been working on it for 18 years! We will be working together with them during those three weeks, so we are able to bring them bible teaching when they just recently got the Bible in their own language! Very exciting!

We've been very busy with studies. We have like 3-4 hours personal studies every day, so there haven't been much free time lately. It's kind of hard to beleive it's already December and soon Christmas. Especially since it's 35*C (95*F) outside! For Christmas we will be eating a lot of food I've heard. Yesterday they decorated the base with Christmas trees and lights! Very nice!

I would like to ask you to pray for me! Especially for finances. Right now I am missing $6.900 but I will be getting $3.000 in a tax return. Also I would like to have prayer for continued revelation of God and God's love. For effectiveness in Nepal and confidence in teaching.

I know several of you are struggling to get your own support but if there should happen to be some money over or you need somewhere to send your tithe I would very much appreciate your support. By supporting me you will also support my misison to go to Nepal and teach people in desperate need of Bible teaching.

Thanks for your time and God bless you!

With love,