South Africa

We focused a lot on Epping Forest, which is almost like a slum area. We had times when we prayed for the area and also asking God forgiveness for the things people are doing in the area like alcohol, drugs and violence. Sometimes we used a speaker on a field and we played worship or read bibelverses.

Always when we came to the area children would come running to play with us or get attention.

During our time there we had a vision about 8 lighthouses in the area which would play an important part in transforming the area. We went out in groups to find these houses and we shared our vision with the people there.

We saw a lot of transformation in Epping Forest, especially in the children. The church is still reaching out to the area and is still seeing a lot of fruit from what we started there.

During our time in the church we also did hospital visitations where we talk to the patients and prayed for them. We had street work where we reached out to homeless and drug addicts. We also helped to serve soup in an area called Elsies River. One day we had a meeting with the seniors group and we shared with them how they are the hope of the future since they are the ones who needs to disciple and pray for the youth in the church.

One day we went to a place called Teen Challenge. It's a christian ministry for youth caught in addiction or violence. It is regularly used as an alternative to prison. We shared the gospel with them and then talked and prayed for them in smaller groups.

Another day we went outside Cape Town to a place called Woesley where we visited farm workers. A lot of them live very poor and have problems with addictions. Usually because they get part of their salary as wine or liquor. We prayed with them and saw some of them give their lives to the Lord!

During our time in the church we saw a lot of people getting a new idea about evangelism and we also saw several of the youth stepping out and getting a heart for the people we met.

Kingdom Light Church / Encounter Ministries

The next church was Kingdom Light Church. Unfortunately there was a little bit of miscommunication about what type of work we would be doing and also some of the ministries we planned got dropped for different reasons. Which was a bit frustrating. We also lived an hour outside Cape Town in an area called Pniel and had to travel almost every day.

Another church called Encounter ministries in Pniel was accommodating us and they had big hopes for things they wanted us to do in their church. Unfortunately we couldn't focus on that church as much as they wanted.

The first week we worked with Encounter ministries and had prayer walks in Pniel and we had teaching and youth ministry in the church.

The rest of the time we mostly did street evangelism in an area called Bellville where KLC had one of their churches. We also went to Fish Hoek and Strand where they also had churches.

In Strand we went into what is called a squatter camp an area with very simple houses or sheds. We talk to people there and prayed for them. We also went to an area they call Beverly Hills where we met addicts and gangsters.

We took some of the people in church out for evangelism and they was really amazed how simple it was. One girl started crying afterwards.

We also went to different schools and had a program for the students and shared the gospel with them.

One day we went to a farm own by the pastor in Encounter ministries. There we shared the gospel with the workers and prayed for them.

Calvary Ministries

The last church we went to was Calvary Ministries in Beacon Valley, Mitchell's plain. Mitchell's plain is a very big area with around 2 million people. During the apartheid it was an area for the colored peoples group. Some neighborhoods are very poor and shabby.

Most of our ministry we did street evangelism in the neighborhood around the church and we also visited people in their houses.

One day we went to a community health center to pray for the sick. I saw two healings that day and during the week I saw as much as five healings. Many of them were people that had back pains and when I compared their legs one of them was shorter than the other. After we prayed the legs adjusted themselves and the person didn't have any more pain in the back!

The last weekend we had a youth meeting together with two other team in the same area. The last day some gangsters we had met earlier showed up. When we talked to them the leader told us he didn't wanna come so the others had to pay him to be able to come. It was also the first time he was in a christian church. He was raised as a muslim. He also told us how all of them had decided to quit tic, which is a very addictive drug, and they been clean for three days. They also wanted to get out of gangsterism but the leader would have to kill someone or do jail time for someone. He said that he would probably give his life to the Lord before the end of the year!

The last week in Mitchell's Plain I also lead my first person to the Lord. We were doing a prayer walk in the area when a person came up to us and asked what we were doing. His name was Ikaram. He walked with us and we talked to him for a while. We explained what we were doing and the vision we had for transformation in Cape Town. When we got back to the church we stopped and asked if we could pray for anything. He shared with us how he had been part of killing a man the day before. It was a revenge for what the man had done to a girl. Someone had stabbed the man in his heart and another man had hit him with a cane. The man we were talking to, his name was Ikaraam, said he didn’t kill the man but he was there and he was part of it. He was brought up as a muslim so he know a lot about God and we asked if he had asked God for forgiveness. We also shared the gospel with him. While we were talking to him the other guys in the team felt to do spiritual warfare and pray for his salvation. They saw he was a leader and that he was important for God’s kingdom. We prayed for him, that God would reveal his love to him and speak to him. Afterwards he said he felt light, as something had been lifted from him. I also told him about DTS. I didn’t have any flyer on me but as we were talking to him Benji walked over to us and had a flyer with him. So I gave it to him. We invited him to come back to the church and talk to us anytime.

In the evening he did come back. He said he had some questions and wanted to talk to someone. So I took him aside and talked to him for a long while. He shared about his life and all the bad stuff he had been caught up with. I answered his questions and also shared the gospel with him. Since he was brought up as a muslim I also explained some of the differences with Islam. He was so receptive and he said that he felt attracted by the way I was talking about God and the way I was loving him so unconditionally. Eventually he said he felt ready to give his life to Jesus so I told him what he needed to do and asked him to pray it out himself. So he prayed out what was on his heart and asked for forgiveness and that Jesus would come into his life. Then I prayed with him for strength and to be able to walk with Jesus. Before he left he said that the first person he met outside the church he was going to tell about Jesus.